Do I need specialized knowledge to mine?

No. All our solutions are turnkey and do not require any knowledge about the mining of Cryptocurrency. Upon installation of your equipment mining is done automatically and the proper operation is ensured by our team of qualified technicians via our state-of-the-art monitoring system.

Why doesn’t Ubimust do the mining itself?

Ubimust has been involved in crypto mining since 2015 and a portion of the profits generated are reinvested in our mining farms. Ultimately, Ubimust aspires to be a hub for collective miners as “Pools” and as such will generate additional revenues.

What is “Smart Mining”?

Smart Mining is a solution optimized with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
It is possible to mine cryptocurrencies manually. However, this is a tedious and difficult task and ultimately boring. It also increases the risk of errors and the number of transactions through trading sites which charge for each transaction, consequently diminishing revenues.

With (AI) all currencies are converted to Bitcoin or BTC and deposited directly to your secured electronic portfolio account.

Does Ubimust guarantee revenues?

No. However, Ubimust provides reliable estimates of the number of
coins mined (depending on the equipment used) in a timely fashion.

Crypto mining is generally constant except for periods when the number of
miners varies, in which case the difference should not exceed +/- 10%

Cryptocurrency values could vary substantially due to supply and demand
within markets and exchanges worldwide. Ubimust does not offer financial
advice pertaining to Crypto currency values.

Does Ubimust provide hosting services for the equipment?

No. However, we can refer our clients to reliable and competitive suppliers for this service.

What are the electrical consumption costs?

Our remote monitoring system will provide you with up-to-date evaluation of the revenues generated, electricity consumption costs (based on equipment type) and other variable factors.

Will the equipment withstand the heat emitted from mining?

Yes. The heat generated by the equipment will also reduce heating costs in
winter. All mining equipment integrates ventilation systems and additional
heat evacuation systems can be supplied at minimal cost, if required for
the summer period.