All New components.
Full manufacturer warranty included and expert
technical support.

Over 20 years experience
building computers,
professional servers & workstations.

Multiple Algorithms Mining rigs, setup and ready
to work with the operating system and mining
software installed.

Just enter your wallet address.
You’re ready to go!

Our hardware and software developing team will
constantly push the boundaries of this new and exciting technology and include you in any groundbreaking development for
maximum profits.

The beauty of leasing is that cash outflow or payments related to leasing are spread out over several years.

This helps a business to maintain a steady
cash-flow profile
while mining.





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Strategy Support

Strategy Support

We will meet and analyze all your needs regarding infrastructure, to help you plan your strategy toward cryptocurrencies.
Benefit from industry veterans and best practices in this new, emerging market.

Corporate Assets

Corporate Assets

Our engineering capacity is without limits, we can build, implement and optimize productivity for any corporate usage. We adjust to which ever solutions you might find the best and push towards more innovations without having to impact existing infrastructure.

After-Sales Support

After-sales Support

Using our systems and services you will be on top of the present technology.
After-sales support is available with any services we provide.

Do Not hesitate to contact us for further help.